Jig & Fixture Certification

As the UK’s first UKAS-accredited jigs and fixture certification laboratory performing on-site at customer facilities, we know how to deliver on-site certification, no matter how small or large the fixture or jig. We provide you with full UKAS-certification, guaranteeing your jigs and fixtures are fit for purpose. Avon Dynamic’s expansive capabilities include UKAS accreditation, enabling us to certify jigs and fixtures on-site at the customer’s premises using portable CMM arms.

Portable Jig & Fixture Certification at Your Facility

Jigs and fixtures play a vital role in the manufacturing build and quality verification process. They allow for the precise and repeatable bringing together of items and a way to check both complex and large components or assemblies. Oversize jigs and fixtures are too large to package and ship to a UKAS-accredited certification laboratory, even if the laboratory had the capability to handle such large jigs and fixtures. Thus, they are normally used at risk or as a manufacturing guide.

On-site and Laboratory Certification

You are welcome to send us jigs and fixtures for certification at our laboratory, but most customers use us for our on-site jigs and fixture certification service, which can even handle very large items. We use high-accuracy portable CMMs that our metrology engineers will set up, calibrate and test on-site before conducting a detailed UKAS certification of your jigs & fixtures to either conventional 2D drawings, 3D CAD Models or perform measurements to your precise requirements.

From one-off calibrations to a fully managed service, choosing Avon Dynamic as your calibration and measurement partner will improve your quality consistency and performance. For more information or a fast quote, call us on
0117 947 7846 or email [email protected].

UKAS Accredited Testing and Calibration Lab

Calibration Services

As a UKAS-Accredited Testing and Calibration Lab, calibration forms the core of our business. Our comprehensive range of calibration equipment means we can meet all your calibration requirements through our highly trained staff. Underpinned by efficient procedures our clients benefit from high quality services that reduce lead-times and manages costs.

UKAS approved Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Component Inspection

We provide an on-site and laboratory component inspection service through our CMM calibration machines. We cover a range of component inspection sizes, from micro components that can be measured with our precise Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), to oversize on-site jigs and fixtures inspection, via our mobile certified portable arm coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

UKAS calibration of electrical measurement equipment

Equipment Repair and Supply

We are able to source any calibration or measurement equipment, from simple gauges to a complex measurement system. We source with a focus on performance, best return on investment, and lifetime project costs.

Avon Dynamic Office

Managed Services

We offer a fully managed service that allows you to focus on your day-to-day operations, safe in the knowledge we have all your calibration and inspection equipment requirements covered. From the identification of all your assets, monthly collection and delivery of recalibrated equipment, to the calibration and certification of all quality verification equipment on your engineering and manufacturing sites.

coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for component measurement


Advisory support comes in a vast range of types and complexity, but all follow the same theme of improving the calibration and measurement activity for clients. At Avon-Dynamic, we have spent 30 years investing in the innovation and development of the best calibration and measurement processes, procedures and equipment.

Metrology Centre at Avon Dynamic

Metrology Centre

Our unique Metrology Centre, based at our UK headquarters in Bristol, demonstrates our commitment to innovation in measurement and calibration. We have partnered with some of the UK’s best equipment suppliers and combined both our real-life and industry experience to create an environment for customers to see the latest equipment and understand best processes.