Market Sectors

Over the last 30 years, Avon-Dynamic has supported thousands of projects in a wide range of sectors. Our customers value our professional approach, high integrity and unrivalled focus on quality. We support customers with delivering quality engineered solutions and providing world-class calibration and measurement solutions.

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Aerospace Equipment Calibration by Avon Calibration


We have a long and established pedigree within the aerospace industry, with a wide range of clients that rely on our services to deliver their mission-critical products and services. The aerospace industry presents unique challenges well suited to the skills and values of Avon- Dynamic, driving us further and harder in our striving for excellence.

Automotive Equipment Calibration by Avon Calibration


We support the automotive industry with a wide range of services. We provide a guaranteed turnaround time – the baseline of a dependable calibration and measurement partner. Alongside support for production requirements, we innovate with new and improved measurement technology and product development support programs, which attracts key automotive businesses across the UK.

Defense Equipment Calibration by Avon Calibration


Our ability to provide a robust, repeatable calibration and measurement service with a strong pedigree in the defence industry has seen us become a key partner to many UK-based defence clients. With an unflinching focus on attention to detail, we can integrate with our defence customers’ systems to provide key quality equipment to mission-critical programs.

Industrial Equipment Calibration by Avon Calibration


Avon-Dynamic understands the type of robust service that industrial customers demand. We are primed to work with fast-moving consumer goods; both large and small manufacturing sites; and the wide range of electrical and mechanical testing equipment that needs to be calibrated to support the build line.

Marine Equipment Calibration by Avon Calibration


The UK marine industry covers a range of sectors, including military, pleasure and commercial, all of which we can support with our industry-leading electrical and mechanical calibration services. We support the design, development and manufacturing of marine vehicles, including submersibles.

Medical Equipment Calibration by Avon Calibration


Avon-Dynamic are committed to supporting the medical industry with a full understanding of the critical role that the products delivered by our medical clients provide. As a UKAS-approved testing laboratory and calibration laboratory, we are able to provide the rigidity to measure products and provide a calibration service that supports the manufacturing side of the business.

Motorsport Equipment Calibration by Avon Calibration


Our motorsport customers value our guaranteed turnaround time on calibrated equipment in support of car manufacturing, as well as our third-party component inspection service, both on-site and off-site, to support the product development process that is required year-round.

Rail Equipment Calibration by Avon Calibration


In support of rail operations Avon-Dynamic delivers services across a national footprint, covering mechanical and electrical equipment on both rolling stock and infrastructure. This presents unique challenges in the support of manufacturers, operators and government agencies, who demand a calibration service featuring fast component turnaround via our calibration facilities, together with on-site support for infrastructure.