Pyrometry and UKAS Temperature Calibration

To ensure accuracy and the ability to achieve the required tolerances from heat treating equipment, Pyrometry covers all aspects of temperature measurement and control needed to maintain temperatures accurately. From working volume temperature tolerances to sensors and instrumentation, strict specifications control all aspects of pyrometry in aerospace heat treatment. Offering expert advice, guidance, calibration, and process improvement services for pyrometry equipment, Avon-Dynamic Calibration can assist with achieving and maintaining compliance with the latest standards.

Our trained and certified pyrometry technicians have decades of experience in providing the perfect solution for your business. We have designed our services to achieve the technical specifications whilst exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing comprehensive calibration solutions paired with first-class customer service.

Onsite pyrometry testing and calibration services:

Our pyrometry team will provide a comprehensive service to ensure your heat treatment systems meet their exact pyrometry requirements. Included in our range of services are:

Temperature Uniformity Surveys

Multiple sensors are placed within the furnace, and the temperatures are recorded to provide evidence of the temperature spread across the furnace and help to ensure the furnace consistently and accurately produces quality parts. Our testing equipment is certified to meet the strict aerospace pyrometry requirements to provide accurate reporting.

System Accuracy Tests

An SAT is designed to validate the accuracy of the furnace control and recording systems inside the furnace, by comparing their values against calibrated instruments and sensors.

Instrumentation Calibration

This ensures the accuracy of your control and recording instrumentation. In addition to providing calibration results, our technicians will also analyse any potential equipment problems and repair the errors as necessary.

Thermocouple Supply and Management

Our procurement team is on hand to provide replacement thermocouple sensors, thermocouple cables, and instrumentation. All of these are precisely calibrated and certified to suit your individual heat treatment needs for SAT testing, temperature uniformity surveys (TUS), and production work in approved furnaces.

Asset Management:

Our fully managed calibration services, paired with our dedicated pyrometry team, will cater all your temperature related requirements, allowing you more time to focus on other activities. We can also arrange for the servicing and repairs of your heat treatment equipment.

Compliance Specialists

Our specialist pyrometry team is here to support you and help you achieve and retain the necessary certifications.

Our calibration team will regularly test and calibrate your assets to ensure the equipment is functioning as expected and to maintain accuracy and compliance with the relevant specifications.

We offer calibration services from UKAS-Accredited Testing and Calibration Labs within the temperature range: -80°C to 1300 °C. We can offer support on a broad range of temperature related equipment, such as:

  • Temperature Sensors
  • Thermal Processing Equipment
  • Controllers
  • Data Loggers
  • Temperature Policeman
  • Temperature Instrumentation

A component’s integrity can be altered when exposed to thermal, mechanical, or chemical stresses. Ensuring that products are correctly heat treated prior to use can help avoid any potential defects that may not be visible upon inspection.

If you’re uncertain whether your equipment meets the required standards, get in touch to discuss your requirements, and we will book your free-of-charge onsite visit today.

T:  0117 947 7846 or email [email protected].

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UKAS-Accredited Testing and Calibration Lab

Calibration Services

As a UKAS-Accredited Testing and Calibration Lab, calibration forms the core of our business. Our comprehensive range of calibration equipment means we can meet all your calibration requirements through our highly trained staff. Underpinned by efficient procedures our clients benefit from high quality services that reduce lead-times and manages costs.

UKAS approved Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Component Inspection

We provide an on-site and laboratory component inspection service through our CMM calibration machines. We cover a range of component inspection sizes, from micro components that can be measured with our precise Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), to oversize on-site jigs and fixtures inspection, via our mobile certified portable arm coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Faro Platinum Arm for component measurement

Jigs & Fixture Certification

As the UK’s first UKAS-accredited jigs and fixture certification laboratory performing on-site at customer facilities, we know how to deliver on-site certification, no matter how small or large the fixture or jig. We provide you with full UKAS-certification, guaranteeing your jigs and fixtures are fit for purpose.

Avon Dynamic Office

Managed Services

We offer a fully managed service that allows you to focus on your day-to-day operations, safe in the knowledge we have all your calibration and inspection equipment requirements covered. From the identification of all your assets, monthly collection and delivery of recalibrated equipment, to the calibration and certification of all quality verification equipment on your engineering and manufacturing sites.

coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for component measurement


Advisory support comes in a vast range of types and complexity, but all follow the same theme of improving the calibration and measurement activity for clients. At Avon-Dynamic, we have spent 30 years investing in the innovation and development of the best calibration and measurement processes, procedures and equipment.

Metrology Centre at Avon Dynamic

Metrology Centre

Our unique Metrology Centre, based at our UK headquarters in Bristol, demonstrates our commitment to innovation in measurement and calibration. We have partnered with some of the UK’s best equipment suppliers and combined both our real-life and industry experience to create an environment for customers to see the latest equipment and understand best processes.