Industrial Equipment Calibration by Avon Calibration


Avon-Dynamic understands the type of robust service that industrial customers demand. We are primed to work with fast-moving consumer goods; both large and small manufacturing sites; and the wide range of electrical and mechanical testing equipment that needs to be calibrated to support the build line. This, combined with our project support, component measurement and third-party sample inspection, provides industrial customers with all the support they need for their calibration and measurement requirements.

Precision Equipment to Support Product Development

The pace of new product development within our industrial customer base creates constant demand for our on-site and off-site component measurement services, including our Portable Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine that can be used on large components, jigs and fixtures. We are able to provide our skills and precision equipment to validate new designs and aid the process capability of customers’ new products and development projects.

Supporting the UK Industrial Sector

We are proud to support the industrial sector’s high demand for electrical equipment, servicing the construction and maintenance industry, inclusive of sole traders right up to large multinationals, their customers and the UK’s infrastructure as a whole.

To learn more about how Avon-Dynamic’s calibration and measurement services can improve your quality consistency and performance, call us on 0117 947 7846 or email [email protected].