Marine Equipment Calibration by Avon Calibration


The UK marine industry covers a range of sectors, including military, pleasure and commercial, all of which we can support with our industry-leading electrical and mechanical calibration services. We support the design, development and manufacturing of marine vehicles, including submersibles. These processes require high quality component measurement and consultancy to aid product development, or calibration to maintain manufacturing quality standards. We can also maintain equipment in the field, allowing our clients to get the maximum benefit of the equipment in service.

From Inception to Full-Rate Production

Our marine customers value our experience in supporting projects from inception through to full rate of production, and how we can help shape the inspection processes and maintain the standards required throughout the project lifecycle. This can be via a managed service to pick-up and drop-off equipment for calibration or delivered via an on-site service. We will ensure our services fit your unique customer requirements and provide the maximum return from working with us.

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