Medical Equipment Calibration by Avon Calibration


Avon-Dynamic are committed to supporting the medical industry with a full understanding of the critical role that the products delivered by our medical clients provide. As a UKAS-approved testing laboratory and calibration laboratory, we are able to provide the rigidity to measure products and provide a calibration service that supports the manufacturing side of the business. With both on-site and off-site options, we are able to deliver a service that fits our customers’ needs and project demands, whilst maintaining stringent quality standards.

Support for Mechanical & Electrical Equipment in Medical Manufacturing

We cover a wide range of equipment for the medical sector, including precise mechanical parts that need to be dimensionally correct; electrical equipment used to validate manufactured parts; and electrical manufactured parts themselves. This diverse service offering makes Avon-Dynamic the partner of choice to support both product development and the manufacturing process in your medical business.

To learn more about how calibration and measurement services can improve quality consistency and performance in your medical applications, call us on 0117 947 7846 or email [email protected].